• We had a great time yesterday in the role of servants at Dunham Massey, the home of Lord and Lady Stamford.  We met lots of Victorian characters like Lady Stamford the lady of the manor, Mr Hughes the butler, Mr Adams the head gardener , Mary who cleared the paths in the garden,  Arthur the gardener, Sam the mole catcher, Cook,  Mrs Green a servant and Betty a who lives in the cottages on the estate.  Look out for them in our pictures and tell your family all about them.

    We had a walk in the woods and had to look out for poachers who were catching rabbits with a snare.  We actually did catch the poacher ‘red handed’!  He had a snare in his pocket and a rabbit in his sack so we reported him to Mr Adams.

    In the afternoon, we worked in groups to make bread, Christmas cards, crackers, biscuits and pomanders, all in preparation for Christmas celebrations.  At the end of the day Mr Hughes the housekeeper tasted our chocolate bread and said it was supreme!!

    The lady of the house was very impressed with our work and as a reward she had her photo taken with us at the end of the day.



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