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    Suggested Activities

    Locate Italy on a world map.

    Write a list of all the fun things you would like to do whilst you are off school.

    Can you make your own music or go on a shape hunt around your home?

    Share your favourite stories or enjoy  some new ones using the useful website below.


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    In the Autumn Term, Year 2 are doing Outdoor Learning on a Wednesday afternoon. They are learning skills needed in the outdoors, such as basic orienteering and investigating the school grounds.

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    Maths through Story day!

    On Monday the whole school took part in a Maths through story day to promote Maths through stories. We read the story ‘One Hundred Hungry Ants’ and then we investigated if there were 100 ants making two lines, the different ways that they could line up. For example, 50 + 50 and 80+ 20

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    Last week we had a special treat for all our special Year Two work we have completed recently. A lady called Lyndsay brought lots of nocturnal animals in to show us. We were able to touch and feel the animals if we wanted to. We met a millipede called Millie and a barn owl called Jessie. We learned lots of interesting facts and all about the animals’ feeding and sleeping patterns. Did you know that a tarantula spider sheds its skin as one whole piece?

    What an amazing afternoon we had!

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    On World Book Day we had a wonderful time sharing lots of books.

    We snuggled up in the story corner and read our favourite stories..

    We also began reading the ‘Twits’ by Roald Dahl and we thought it was hilarious!

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    In Collective worship we reflected on times that we have been sorry and how we forgive.


    We each dropped a pebble in the water as we reflected on something that we are sorry for.

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    We have been learning  about the 1960’s and the first moon landing in 1969.

    The children were asked to make a model of Apollo 11 for their homework.  Take a look at our superb rockets.


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    Making Bread Rolls

    As part of Design Technology we baked our own bread roll.  First we sampled a variety of bread rolls available in the shops.  Then we practised the skills of measuring ingredients and kneading and shaping the dough.  It was great fun!

    Take a look at our delicious bread rolls!

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    Hinduism Activities

    As part of our RE curriculum, we learn about other faiths. This week we have been learning about the Hindu faith.

    We tried a range of activities to teach us about the faith and some of its celebrations. These included Indian dance, mendhi hand painting, tasting Indian food and making rakhi bracelets. We also learnt about how Hindus pray at home.

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