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    We have designed and made bread rolls as Thomas Farrinor would have made in his bakery on Pudding Lane. First we tasted some different types of bread to see what we liked. After that we practised kneading and shaping techniques using salt dough. We then planned the shape and flavour that our roll was going to be. We mixed a dough and created our own bread rolls. Once cooked, we took them home where we could enjoy eating them. Delicious!

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    In the Autumn Term, Year 2 are doing Outdoor Learning on a Wednesday afternoon. They are learning skills needed in the outdoors, such as basic orienteering and investigating the school grounds.

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                                                    Maths through Story day!

    On Monday the whole school took part in a Maths through story day to promote Maths through stories. We read the story ‘One Hundred Hungry Ants’ and then we investigated if there were 100 ants making two lines, the different ways that they could line up. For example, 50 + 50 and 80+ 20.

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    We have been learning about the Mexican masks that are made in the Mexican town of Tacuaro. We were inspired to make our own masks. First we designed what we wanted to masks to look like. Then we used clay to form the shape of the masks and printed detail into the clay. Once it was dry, we painted the masks. The masks are now on display in class. Don’t they look fantastic!

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    We have been learning about Mexico and the town of Tacuaro. To celebrate our learning, we had a Mexican day where we ‘went on holiday’ to Mexico. We went to the airport where we caught a flight to Mexico. In Mexico we learnt Mexican dancing, made and ate Mexican food, made Mexican masks and went to the swimming pool. We had a fantastic holiday and did not want to come home!

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    As part of our Local Area topic, we have been learning about nocturnal animals. To find out more about nocturnal animals, we had a visit from Animals Take Over who brought lots of nocturnal animals into school for us to handle. We had lots of fun touching and finding out about snakes, owls, sugar gliders, hedgehogs, mice and many more.

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    To celebrate the wedding of Prince Harry and Megan Markle, the whole school came dress in red, white and blue. Here is Y2D looking wonderful in their coloured clothes.

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    Some of the parents and carers came to join our class Collective Worship during Stay and Pray. It was a very nice way for us to finish the term and leave for the Easter break full of joy!

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    The school again held their annual Spirituality Day during Holy Week. The children went around all of the Infant classes where they experienced different ways to pray and reflect. These included flag prayers, prayer stones, Lego prayers, spiritual colouring, praise dance, prayer bracelets and fruit prayers. They had a lovely day!

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    This term, Year 2 have enjoyed Outdoor Learning lessons. This has involved discovering the surroundings of the school and learning about the natural world.  The children have done a range of activities including making habitats and outdoor artwork.

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