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    Year 2 had a wonderful holiday to Mexico! This morning we checked-in at the airport before taking a flight to Mexico. In Mexico we got to try lots of different Mexican food including fajitas and nachos, we learnt the Mexican hat dance, we found out information about the town of the Tacuaro, and had time to relax with an ice lolly by the pool. We wish we can go back soon!

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    We  had such a fun afternoon on Infant Sports Day. We all worked hard to get as many points as possible for our team. Congratulations to the yellow team who won the most points at the end! Well done to all the children who took part and tried their best.

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    As part of our Transport topic, we have designed and made out own moving vehicles. We planned what our vehicle would look like and the materials that we would use. First we had to make the cut the axle, using a saw, and put the wheels on. Then we attached them to the underpart of the vehicle. After that we made to body to our vehicle. We had to make sure that is looked like our plan. Finally we attached the body to the underside and axle using superglue. Don’t our vehicles look fantastic!

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    This week we have been learning about Hinduism. We learnt about how Hindus worship in their homes. Then we tried a carousel of Hindu celebration activities such as making diwa lamps, tasting traditional food, hand painting and dance. We had a fun and informative afternoon.

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    On Thursday we visited the transport museum in St Helens to learn more about transport from the past. We had a great time exploring some of the different transport and the equipment.

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    In R.E. lessons, we have been learning about the story of Pentecost and how the Holy Spirit helps us. We enjoyed retelling the story through actions, music and movement.

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    Our Science topic for this half term has been Plants. We have found out what plants need to grow. As well as planting and growing our own bean plants, we are conducting an experiment to find out the best conditions for plants to grow. We have 4 seeds with different combinations of light and water. We are checking on the results each week before drawing our conclusions.


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    This morning we learnt lots of different puzzles and maths games were we could apply our maths and problem solving skills. The children enjoyed games such as snakes and ladders, hopskotch and a multiplication race. Why not try some games and puzzles at home!


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    We had a lovely end to our term, taking part in the Easter Bonnet parade. We loved showing off our creations to the other children and parents.

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    We really enjoyed Spirituality Day where we got to pray in different ways. These included Synod prayers, weather prayers, praise party, peace garden, meditation, forest prayers and bubble prayers. 

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