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    In R.E. lessons, we have been learning about the story of Pentecost and how the Holy Spirit helps us. We enjoyed retelling the story through actions, music and movement.

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    Our Science topic for this half term has been Plants. We have found out what plants need to grow. As well as planting and growing our own bean plants, we are conducting an experiment to find out the best conditions for plants to grow. We have 4 seeds with different combinations of light and water. We are checking on the results each week before drawing our conclusions.


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    This morning we learnt lots of different puzzles and maths games were we could apply our maths and problem solving skills. The children enjoyed games such as snakes and ladders, hopskotch and a multiplication race. Why not try some games and puzzles at home!


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    We had a lovely end to our term, taking part in the Easter Bonnet parade. We loved showing off our creations to the other children and parents.

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    We really enjoyed Spirituality Day where we got to pray in different ways. These included Synod prayers, weather prayers, praise party, peace garden, meditation, forest prayers and bubble prayers. 

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    For World Book Day, our school focused on books with a mathematics theme. The children wore maths related outfits. Year 2 read the book ‘How to Find Gold’. We looked at positional language in the story. The children then made their own treasure maps and wrote instructions, using positional language, for their partner to find the treasure.

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    Year 2 visited the Maritime Museum in Liverpool to learn about the Titanic. We looked at the Titanic exhibit where we saw a model of the Titanic, things from the ship, facts about the Titanic and heard stories from people who traveled on her. We then took part in a story telling session about a boy called Douglas who traveled in First Class on the Titanic. We explored the rest of the museum and found out about things related to the docks and the seaside. We had a wonderful day!


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    This term, Y2 are learning about the frozen parts of our planet – The Arctic and The Antarctic. Over the past few weeks, we have focussed on the geography of the polar regions, the weather and animals that live there. The children have produced some super reports and posters on the animals that live in the polar regions.

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    Image result for epiphany

    Year 2 went to Liverpool Cathedral to attend an Epiphany Service led by the bishops. The service told the story of the 3 kings visiting Jesus in Bethlehem. The children went in special crowns that they had made and enjoyed joining in with the service.

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    KS1 spent the day doing doing 4 different Christmas crafts with the Y1 and Y2 staff. We had a fabulous day and have made some lovely things to take home.

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