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    We are busy preparing the children’s activities for their Evacuee Day next week.

    As part of the activities planned for this year’s evacuee day, the children will be completing a writing workshop activity focusing on letter writing during the war. In order to bring this experience to life and to give the children a personalised learning experience, it would be greatly appreciated it if you could write a letter to your child, imagining that they are a real life evacuee! Please could you write a few lines asking about the children’s train journey and experiences as an evacuee? Please find below a draft version to assist with this that could be used as a guide.

    In addition, I politely ask for a stamp to be sent in with your child on or before Evacuee Day, Tuesday 7th November 2017.


    Many thanks again for all of your continued support.


    Letter template

    November 1941

    Dear ………,


    We are missing you greatly already and we dearly hope that you have settled well into your new home in the Lake District. We want to know everything about your life as an evacuee now.

    We are continuing to save up the ration coupons and we hope that you enjoyed the chocolate on your train journey. How was the journey?

    We hope your host family is treating you well and please do tell us all about them.

    Write back as soon as you can.


    All our love,



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    On Tuesday, we went to the Manchester Jewish Museum where we learnt all about the Jewish faith.

    We got to see a real Torah and learnt all about Shabbat and the celebration of Bar Mitzvah.

    It was a very informative trip but also great fun exploring the different parts of the museum which was once a synagogue.  Belinda, our museum guide was very impressed with our behaviour and everything that we had learnt from listening carefully.

    Here’s a few photos from the day. We look forward to showing you more photographs and everything we learnt in our Come and See books at Parents’ Evening.

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    Here is our Class Login for Oxford Owl.

    Username: Class4CG

    Password: learning

    I hope that you find the different resources useful. Enjoy these extra reading and learning opportunities!


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