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    In Topic, the children have been thinking scientifically to explore the digestive system.

    Today the children carried out their own investigation looking at the digestive system. The children re-created food moving through the digestive system, in particular, the oesophagus by mushing up food and forcing it through a pair of tights. The tights represented the oesophagus. It was messy but the children seemed to really enjoy it!

    The children then used this investigation to help create an information leaflet all about the digestive system.



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    In Y4CG we are hoping to have learnt all of the times tables facts by the end of the year. Here are some great websites to support the children’s learning:


    Times Tables Website 1

    Topmarks Times Tables

    Guide for Parents/Carers 1

    Guide for Parents/Carers 2 – Oxford Owl


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    The children have been working hard to explore narrative verse, using their knowledge of poetry and literary techniques to delve deep into Kaye Umansky’s text, ‘The Bogeymen and the Trolls Next Door’. Soon the children will be completing their own story writing task using the main characters… bogeys and trolls. The children  need to be thinking of a song they can include in their writing as well as comical elements to entertain their reader. Let’s hope the children can publish their final  writing pieces onto Pobble too!

    In Mathematics, the children are working hard to develop their number skills. They have impressed me greatly with their multiplication and division work. This week we have explored Roman numerals so far and it has been great to see all of the children challenge their thinking. Soon we will be exploring fractions and linking this to our division work.

    The children’s Come and See learning has explored the importance of belonging to a community and the work within our parish community of St. Mary’s. There has been some thoughtful and insightful work produced and the children have showed their understanding of joining together as a community and how to help others.

    In Topic, the children have been developing their scientific thinking by exploring animals and their habitats. This has also been linked to their Outdoor Learning. A huge well done to the children who have created their own biomes for display in class. These are providing lots of discussion opportunities and look great in our Science area.

    Super Spring learning so far Y4CG. Keep up the great effort!



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