• Year Four had a fabulous morning at the Liverpool Philharmonic today.

    We were part of the Come to Your Senses school concert.

    Our host Alasdair Malloy told us how the hall had been turned into a listening laboratory and we used some of our science thinking to explore our senses.

    Firstly, we listened to a range of music performances  by composers such as Jean Sibelius, Wolfgang Amadeus Mozart, Modest Petrovich Mussorgsky, Maurice Ravel and Matthew Hindson.  It was lovely to listen to and watch a live orchestra play.

    We then sang a song that had been written by Timothy Jackson who is a horn player in the Liverpool Philharmonic. The words of the song were set to Jack Prelutsky’s poem, The Witch.

    We helped the conductor with actions to help the orchestra perform and listened to music from the film, The Incredibles.

    Finally, we got up and had a dance to finish our concert experience!


    We were unable to take photographs with the orchestra playing but here’s a small collage of some of our class members:


    Here’s a link to the website to find out what’s on… http://www.liverpoolphil.com/

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