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    We had a lovely day last Saturday. We celebrated the children receiving the Sacrament of Eucharist for the first time. The children prepared all year for their special day with the help of their families, Father Dooley, Mrs Plant and Mr Simms. It was a glorious day to gather together.


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    Today the children were given their Pobble passcodes. They were shown how to navigate the website, how to magpie ideas to help with their own writing and how to comment on other children’s writing. Everyone is super eager to have their writing published on Pobble for others to see. I look forward to sharing the writing the children produce this final term. I wonder who will become a published Pobble author next…

    A  massive thank you to Louise for helping us to learn all about Pobble!

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    As part of our current topic this summer all about inventions, the children are learning about the history of the Romans and what they did for us.

    Today the children learnt all about battle formations, tactics and the Romanisation of Britain. The timeline of Roman Britain was explored, as well as life in the Roman army. There was the opportunity to look closely at shields and swords which fascinated the children. In the afternoon, there was a spear throwing competition and an archaeological dig. A fantastic learning experience which I know the children will remember for a long time!


    Take a look at some photographs here:




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