• Thank you so much for all the effort everyone has put in to make our evacuation a success! It was with great sadness that we saw our Year 4 children evacuated to the Lake District following the devastating news that we were now at war with Germany.

    Children spent their morning travelling on a train, opening up packages from loved ones before meeting our dreaded Billeting Officer – Mrs Murphy! She soon had them straightened up (and silent because of course children should be seen and not heard!) ready to meet their host families.


    They learnt first hand about the hardships experienced by people during the war with regard to rationing – forget about jam tarts and chocolate bars!

    There was no time to complain however, we knew our country needed us – time for stiff upper lips, calming down and carrying on.

    We wrote letters home to our family and loved ones, whom we had been missing dreadfully after being separated from them for so so long…

    However, it wasn’t too much longer when we were greeted with the amazing news that Germany (not long after dinner time) had finally surrendered and we could get on with our VE Day celebrations – full of jam butties and tarts – before being reunited with our families at the end of the war (or school day as it were).


    The Year 4 team would like to say a massive thank you to all parents and guardians for your effort, help and continued support – the children looked absolutely brilliant!

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