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    Year 4 had a fantasic day learning all about the Romans. We went on a Roman march through the Roman Gardens where we learnt different battle strategies and how to fight like a Roman soldier.

    We then moved on to the Roman amphitheatre, Miss Shone ALMOST lost her head after a near fight to the death as we learnt about slaves and gladiators.

    Did you know that gladiators in England would have fought wolves and bears? Gladiators in Rome were more likely to have fought lions and tigers!

    After a very quick lunch, we were guided through the DEWA experience to learn lots more about Ancient Rome and its influence in Chester. We learnt about what it would have been like as a Roman doctor before moving on to how Romans took baths and even went to the toilet!


    To finish the day off we were taken to an archaeological dig to look for evidence of the Romans before having some fun dressing up and playing!


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