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    Please find below a document with interesting facts all about the ancient Maya. There are also some suggested activities for the children to complete to enhance their learning. There will be opportunities for the children to share their research and project work in class.


    Ancient Maya Overview Home Learning


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    The children have been busy over the half-term completing Space related research tasks.

    Thank you to the girls for sharing their creative creations with their classmates!




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    Thanks to Melissa for her cupcake creations. This was a lovely surprise for her classmates. They were out of this world!


    The children are full of enthusiasm about their Space related Topic work this term. There have been lots of books shared and posters created at home so far. I look forward to sharing the children’s class learning with families this summer term and seeing the independent research and tasks completed at home.

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    Project Homework 2019


    Please find here a copy of the Space homework activities.

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    The children had great fun completing the different P.E. games and tasks planned by the students from St. Augustine’s.

    Thanks to the P.E. department and the students at St. Augustine’s for their time and preparation.

    Y5CG look forward to next week’s Sport session!


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    Y5CG worked together and showed great teamwork to solve a number of Maths puzzles. It was great fun and reminded the children of just how important perseverance and resilience is!


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    North America – U.S.A Learning Update

    This spring term, we have been exploring all about the continent of North America and what makes the U.S.A so special.

    We have been learning all about how the U.S.A is part of the continent, North America.  We have produced fantastic art work, using Jasper Johns as our inspiration.

    Very soon, we will be completing tasks which look at the U.SA in more detail and we will go on a ‘road trip’ and visit Disneyland to complete some Topic Maths. Check our website soon for more photos of the children’s learning tasks.

    Here’s a photo of the children sequencing events from America’s history, using their knowledge of timelines and showing mathematical thinking to solve number clues.

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    Today was World Book Day. This year, our school is celebrating how mathematics is everywhere, especially in books. We came to school dressed in stripes, patterns, shapes and numbers. Some of us had puzzles on our t-shirts relating to how old we are!

    We used today to explore our text for this half term, which is Jeremy Strong’s, ‘This is NOT a Fairy Tale’. We created a story map, which will help as we plan our own writing.

    We also looked at a text, The Viewer, which reminded us of how books open the world to us and give us different viewpoints through chosen narrators, historical contexts and authors’ opinions.

    Our Maths work was linked to circles and the art work contained in the text, The Viewer. We will also complete a puzzle about Top Recommended Reads and the pages they contain tomorrow.


    Thank you to all children and families for the effort today with your Maths themed t-shirts and outfits!

    Here’s some photos of the children completing their Maths tasks:

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    We visited the Metropolitan Cathedral of Christ the King in Liverpool. This was linked to our Come and See topic, ‘Mission’. We learnt lots of facts about the history and architecture. Also, we explored the significance of the tapestries and sculptures within the cathedral. Brian, who was our tour guide, answered lots of our questions and explained about sacraments and the role of an archbishop. At the end of our guided tour, we had a moment of special reflection.

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