• Merseyside Police Design a Poster Competition

    The Challenge

    We have been very honoured in Y5KD to be chosen to compete in this year’s Christmas poster competition.

    The challenge for your students is to design this years’ Merseyside Police Christmas Poster/Card which should contain key crime prevention messages to keep people safe over the festive period. Suggested themes/ messages are listed below.



    • Keep your homes safe this Christmas
    • Don’t put your presents on display
    • Have a safe and merry Christmas
    • Don’t give a burglar a gift this Christmas


    Car crime

    • Don’t drink and drive this Christmas
    • Don’t text while driving
    • Stick to the speed limit this Christmas
    • Please drive safely this Christmas


    Hate crime:

    • Be kind to everybody this holiday season


    We have asked the children to complete the plans they started in class ready to begin their artwork on Thursday.


    Many thanks,


    Miss Davies

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