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    Firstly, a big Thank You to parents for the wonderful costumes the children came in today. I’m sure you will agree they all looked fabulous!

    What a wonderful day we have had today in Ancient Greece!  The weather didn’t dampen our spirits and we were able to sample the delights the period in History had to offer. We have learnt about the  influence Ancient Greece had on modern Western Civilisation such as democracy, Olympic Games, Marathon running, food, Myths, theatre and much, much more.

    We hope you enjoy the movie!

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    We are learning to round numbers to the nearest 10, 100 and 1000 this week in Maths. We sang a song to help us remember  – the air guitars came free with the lyrics!

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    As I am sure the children have already told you, we have stick insects in Year 5! They are a wonderful addition to the class (certainly the quietest members of the class!)  and the children seem to love them. We are learning about life cycles in Science and we have chosen to explore stick insects in greater detail – linked to Maths and English.

    Today we have been observing their behaviour and mannerisms in class and have begun to learn about how to take care of them. Here are a couple of photographs of us handling them. We were very brave!


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    Welcome to Year 5!

    Mrs Barker is very excited to see you all on your first day and hear all your exciting news from your Summer holidays. We have been busy in school in the holidays getting everything ready for the start of the new year and creating a wonderful learning environment to inspire your learning this year. The new books are ready for all your wonderful ideas and there is even some of your work already on display that you created during transition.

    As soon as we have received IT permission slips we will be posting lots of photographs and videos for your parents to keep them up to date on all the exciting opportunities in 5B. Please also look out for Year 5 ‘Have we got news for you?’ to show your parents what you are learning this term – coming out very soon.

    Don’t forget your smiley face on the playground on 5th September – 8:50 sharp! See you all very soon.

    Love Mrs B


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