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    Please find here a copy of the Space homework activities.

    Project Homework 2019

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    Congratulations to the children on graduating from the Children’s University.

    They have achieved a variety of certificates based on hours of additional learning they have undertook.

    We are very proud of you all.


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    As part of our Come and See topic, Mission, we visited the Metropolitan Cathedral of Christ the King in Liverpool.  We learned about the symbolism of different features of the Cathedral and how they link to our faith.

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    Well done to the children for completing their wonderful home

    learning  projects based on the Ancient Greeks.


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    As part of our Come and See work, the children will be taking part in a Year 5 wedding at our parish church on Tuesday 6th November.

    The honour of your presence is requested at the marriage of:

    Katelin and Luke

    on Tuesday 6th November at 10:00am at St Mary Immaculate Church, Blackbrook.

    You will need to come to school in your wedding outfit as normal at 8:50am.

    We would like to stress that children do not need to buy a new outfit but choose something that they already have.

    The ceremony will take place in church followed by a wedding breakfast afterwards.

    Unfortunately, due to space in church we cannot extend the invitations to parents, family or friends; do not worry we will be taking numerous pictures and videos throughout our special day which we will share on the website at a later date.

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    Year Five Autumn Homework Project

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    The children looked amazing in their wonderful costumes and really joined in with the spirit of the day.  We have learnt about the  influence Ancient Greece had on modern Western Civilisation such as democracy, Olympic Games, Marathon running, Myths, theatre and much, much more.

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    On Monday, we explored a story called Sir Cumference and the Dragon of Pi as part of a Mathematics story day. The children learnt all about Archimedes which links to their Topic learning about Ancient Greece. They used what they already knew about shapes including circles. The children then really challenged their thinking to explore algebraic formulas including circumference and the area of circles. The story reminded everyone that mathematical skills are needed every day in lots of different situations.

    Find below links to other stories available in the series…

    A Maths Adventure 1

    A Maths Adventure 2

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    Celeggbrity Competition

    The children have worked really hard creating their entries for this year’s competition.

    All were amazing – well done!


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    Spirituality Day 2018

       Today we experienced many different ways to pray during our whole school spirituality day.




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