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    Today we walked to Sankey Valley park.
    We were all very sensible and used our listening skills beautifully.
    We saw lots of things on our walk such as;
    - leaves falling off the trees
    - apples growing on the trees
    - ducks swimming in the pond
    - lots of dogs being walked
    We noticed that the leaves were not all green. Some of them were yellow,
    orange and even brown! We talked about how the ducks and birds 
    will soon fly away to go and find somewhere to live where it is much warmer, 
    because ducks don't like it when it gets cold.


    Click on me  IMG_1906 I’m a video!

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     Meet our Year 6 buddies! They help us and look after us in school. We meet with them 
    every Friday to tell them all about what we have been learning about!



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    We have been getting familiar with the features on the IPad.
    This week we learnt how to take a picture of ourselves using the camera!
    (Some of us forgot to look at the camera!)


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    Learning news 2nd October – 6th October

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    Over the past few weeks we have been learning lots of things about colour.
    We have mixed primary colours together to see what colours they make.
    We have enjoyed reading a variety of books including; The Rainbow fish, Elmer, 
    The Mixed Up Chameleon, Mr Rabbit's Colour Mixing. 
    When we read The Mixed Up Chameleon, we used an app on the IPad to change the 
    colour to the colour that we thought that the chameleon would be.
    We have also done lots of painting and used our creative skills to make rainbows,
     some of us even drew a big rainbow in our outdoor area on the ground using 
    different coloured chalk. 




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