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    Today we went on a lovely walk to Sankey Valley!
    We found a nice pond and we set our frogs free. We have watched them grow from frogspawn into tadpoles, tadpoles into froglets and froglets into frogs!
    We have enjoyed exploring the life cycle of a frog!

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    Today we set the chicks free and they had a run around our class!
    They only hatched last week and have grown so big already. They have changed so much!
    We have really enjoying having chicks in our class.

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    On Friday, we spent the day preparing for the special day!

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    Yesterday we heard police sirens nearby our school. We had a visit from a very nice police lady and a helpful police man. They shared lots of information about their job and we got to see what uniform the police wear to keep them safe. (It was very different to our school uniform!) We really enjoyed our visit. The police officers were very kind because the police man let us sit on his motorbike and the police lady let us switch on the lights and the siren in her car! We had a wonderful time.


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