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    Practise exploring your number bonds!


    Here are some activities to complete.


  • Uncategorised Comments Off on The Easter Story

    Easter is an important time for all Christians. Please take time to share with your child The Easter Story. Talk about the journey Jesus went on and the things that he sacrificed.
    Use the link below to view The Easter Story.


    Use the PowerPoint attached to help talk about the importance of Easter.

  • Uncategorised Comments Off on Virtual Tour of Chester Zoo

    Use the link and have fun exploring the zoo and all of the animals that live there!

    What is your favourite animal?

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    See if you can use the pictures to help finish the sentences!




  • Uncategorised Comments Off on Rainbows

    Today we made rainbows to put in our windows at home, we hope this will help spread joy throughout our local community. If you are learning from home, see if you can make a rainbow too!



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