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    Take a look at our designs!

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    This week we have been on the look out for different types of birds.
    We have been on a bird hunt and made tally charts to keep count of how many birds we have seen. On Wednesday afternoon, we went outside and scattered some seeds to feed the birds. Lots of birds came to eat our seeds. We watched as robins and magpies swooped down. Some greedy squirrels even came to feast on our seeds. It was very exciting to see all the birds!

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    On Monday 5th Novemeber, we made chocolate apples in preparation for bonfire night!

    We had to melt chocolate and we watched the chocolate change. It was hard at first and then after it had been heated up it went all wet and gooey.
    We dipped our apples into the sticky chocolate and decorated them with sprinkles.
    We watched as the chocolate cooled down and we noticed that it started to hard again.

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    On Tuesday 9th October we went on an Autumn walk to Sankey Valley!
    The sunshine came out and we had a lovely afternoon exploring Sankey Valley.
    We had to look for things that we can find in Autumn.
    We found lots of different colour leaves on the ground that had fallen off the trees.
    The brown ones even made a crunchy sound.
    We saw lots of other things like berries and conkers too!

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    During our first few weeks in Foundation Stage, we have been looking at lots of different colours.
    We have experimented with colour in a variety of ways!
    We have mixed colours together to make other colours and we have even sampled unusual fruits after reading Handa’s Surprise and Oliver’s Fruit Salad.
    We have had lots of fun!

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    During our first few weeks at school, we have had lots of fun with our numbers!
    We especially enjoyed reading ‘Hooray for Fish’ by Lucy Cousins.
    We even got to go fishing in the water tray and we had to count out the right amount of fish.


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