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    The children have spent a lovely week taking part in lots of Easter activities.  We have visited our school church, we have made Easter nest cakes and Easter baskets and have taken part in Spirituality Day, the Easter Bonnet Parade and Stay and Pray.



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    On Thursday 28th March we had a whole school Spirituality Day.

    The children moved around each infant classroom and took part in lots of activities that helped them to pray in different ways.

    They took part in Tasty Prayers, Lego Prayers, Musical Prayers, Prayer Cairns, Prayer Flags and Prayer Posters.  The children and staff thoroughly enjoyed this special days.





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    The children had a lovely afternoon at the Town Hall taking part in Songfest 2018.

    The children sang their songs beautifully.  Each school made a model of a mode of transport.  Our model was based on Concorde.  The children painted and decorated the model in school and made their own hats with their favourite vehicle on.


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    On Thursday we visited our school church, St Mary’s Immaculate.

    The children spent time saying some prayers and singing.  They looked at the altar, the statue of Mary, the cross, candles and the beautiful stained glass windows.

    The children were extremely well behaved.  They were quiet, prayerful and respectful throughout our visit.


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    The children spent a lovely day in school on World Book Day.

    They snuggled up in their pyjamas and onesies and shared their favourite books and stories.


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