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    The children have planted a variety of seeds and beans over the last few weeks as part of our topic on growing.  The children have looked at the life cycles of plants and how they grow and change.


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    Everyone had a wonderful time on our trip to Chester Zoo.  We had a lovely day looking at and learning about all the different animals.  The children were beautifully behaved and we were very proud of them all.


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    Our children have been very excited to have the opportunity to look after chicks in class. 

    Eight eggs arrived at school and had to be put in a special incubator to keep them warm.  The children were delighted that all the eggs have hatched. We have six roosters and two hens. Each day the chicks are cleaned out and are given fresh food and water. The children have all had a turn at holding the chicks.


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    Songfest – Parish Church Hall

    The children thoroughly enjoyed the trip to St Helens Parish Church Hall to perform in this years Songfest which was themed around ‘What I want to be when I grow up’.

    They all sang beautifully along with the other schools taking part and even performed a song by themselves about Fire fighters.  The children have also had the opportunity to perform their songs for their Year 6 buddies who were very impressed with the performance.


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    On Shrove Tuesday the children talked about why we eat pancakes, Ash Wednesday and our preparations for Lent.  All the children tasted the pancakes and tried a variety of toppings.



  • Uncategorised Comments Off on World Book Day 2019

    As part of our World Book Day celebrations the children wore t-shirts to represent number, shape and pattern.

    We shared a variety of number stories and other throughout the day.


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    As part of our topic on Winter we made a mountain out of ice.  We observed how the ice changed as it melted in the classroom.  The children enjoyed the sensory experience of playing in the ice, using polar animals to role play with.


  • Uncategorised Comments Off on Making our birds nests!

    Last week as part of our work on garden birds the children made their own birds nests.  They collected a variety of materials that they thought would make a good home for a bird.  Below is a selection of the nests that they made.

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    This week we have been out and about around school looking at  and feeding the different birds in our local environment.

    We have made tally charts of the numbers of birds we have spotted!


  • Uncategorised Comments Off on Our Autumn Walk

    Before the October half term holiday we enjoyed a lovely afternoon at Sankey Valley.  We could see how the leaves had changed colour and were falling from the trees.  The children collected a variety of leaves and found acorn shells, acorns and conkers.

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