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    Before the October half term holiday we enjoyed a lovely afternoon at Sankey Valley.  We could see how the leaves had changed colour and were falling from the trees.  The children collected a variety of leaves and found acorn shells, acorns and conkers.

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    Welcome to Class 1


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    The children have been experimenting using colour.

    They made rainbows on a plate by using sweets and water. They watched how the colours changed in the water and what happened when all the colours mixed together.



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    Learning news 280918

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    Learning news 210918

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    Hooray for Fish!

    This week the children have been exploring number through story and play.  They have taken part in a variety of number activities relating to the story Hooray for Fish by Lucy Cousins.


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    We spent a wonderful day at Chester Zoo learning about lots of different zoo animals.  The children all behaved beautifully and everyone had a fantastic day.


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    We spent a lovely afternoon planting sunflower seeds.  We put some compost in a pot and then we put sunflower seeds just underneath the surface of the compost.  We used a watering can to water our pots and then we put them outside in the sunshine.

    When they start to grow we will be able to take them home and plant them in our gardens.  We are learning lots about how things grow and change!


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    As part of our topic on change and growing we made a cress mountain.  We rolled newspaper into balls and placed them on the bottom of a big tray.  We put lots of compost on top and then we sprinkled the compost with hundreds and hundreds of cress seeds.  We watered the seeds and placed the tray in the sunshine.  We are so excited to see how it changes as it grows.

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    The children have spent a lovely day preparing for the Royal Wedding of Prince Harry and Meghan Markle.  The children had a special lunch and have taken part in a variety of activities to celebrate the special day.




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