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Maths is Everywhere Poster Competition

We had so many fantastic entries here are just a few!  Winners will be announced in Wednesday’s assembly.

Outdoor Maths Zone

To honour the first day of Spring we set up our dedicated Outdoor Maths Zone. This is a portable resource to use at lunchtime or as an extra resource during lessons. We used multi-sensory, tactile materials in a natural environment  to give children a chance to explore and develop Maths skills in an alternative way. Some of the resources have been made by our Maths Ambassadors from natural materials.

Check out the video, including quotes from the children.







Maths in Nature

Here in our school we are enthusiastic about maths not only in the classroom but everywhere around us.  Check out our maths in nature video below.

Stay and Play

We had a fun filled a fun filled afternoon playing a variety of board games with parents from Y3.  This is a regular feature of our school calendar.  Watch the video for a taster!

World Book Day

Follwing on from our Maths Through Stories Day in October, we decided to make the theme this year for World Book Day a celebration of Maths in literature. From the classic nursery rhyme, Ten in a Bed, the famous story, The Hungry Caterpillar, to the modern classic Lots, Maths is everywhere!

Watch the clip to see the highlights of the day…


Financial Maths  at our School

Every year out school community organises a range of enterprises. We plan, advertise, cost and assess profits. Children are involved in all stage of the process.

Check out the video below to see some of our projects…

LCQM and Maths Ambassadors


Our Maths Champion, Miss Brennan has been working hard with the Maths Ambassadors on lots of projects in and around School.

Watch our video to find out more…



The Liverpool Counts Quality Mark was set up by the Liverpool Learning Partnership in response to the identification of Maths as an issue in school settings across the city. The aim of the programme is to raise the standards in Maths by changing attitudes and perceptions towards Maths as well as promoting the importance of Maths as an essential life skill.

The LCQM aims to:

  • Raise standards with enjoyment of Maths being at the heart of all activities
  • Make Maths relevant by making connections to real life concepts
  • Promote the use of technology in Maths
  • Involve parents, local businesses and cultural communities
  • Create a sustainable legacy of a love of numbers and problem solving skills
  • Challenge and change perceptions/attitudes of pupils and the wider community towards Maths

Challenging negative attitudes towards numeracy and Mathematics

“We strongly believe that the key to improving outcomes – educational, social and work related – for our young people is to focus on and challenge poor and negative attitudes towards numeracy and mathematics in schools, at home, in local communities and in the media.” – National Numeracy

“We firmly believe that if we tackle the ‘can’t do maths’ culture in our schools and communities with a challenging, consistent and persistent approach, we will improve the educational and employment outcomes for the young people of Liverpool.”  Judith Lang and Dave Carden – Liverpool Counts

These are the ‘Making a Difference’Top Tips:

  • Be aware of what you say about maths, especially around children.
  • Challenge ANYONE that you hear making negative comments about maths.
  • Any time you hear celebrities in the media saying that they ‘can’t do maths’, or making negative comments about maths, discuss it with pupils.
  • Share your own enjoyment of maths and highlight when you have used it in everyday life.
  • Dispel the myth that there is a maths gene and that only a few people can be good at maths.
  • Encourage parents to be positive- share ‘top tips’ with them including praising effort with maths not just achievement!

Useful, Interesting and Maths Game Websites

The National Numeracy Challenge is a great way to test your knowledge of Maths.

A whole host of puzzles ranging in level of ability from starter to Einstein! Great If you have 5 minutes!

Powerlines is a logic puzzle that requires perseverance but does come with a hint of frustration. There are 3 levels to challenge yourself.

Use directions and instructions in this multi-level BBC skillwise game.

The decanting puzzle. Move the containers to match the appropriate measurement. Can you do it in the smallest number of moves? 6 levels of fun – Enjoy!

Printable number puzzles for children and adults. Work together. All great fun!!!!

Try this incredibly addictive number game using logic and negative numbers. 48 levels of challenge! This will drive you to logic!

1-a-day Maths Challenges from the White Rose Maths Collection. Every year group has a selection of questions that test the children’s reasoning and problem solving. Any child can try any year group up to Year 8 if you fancy a real challenge.

Here are some more useful apps to try

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