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    People Who Help Us!

    We have been very lucky in nursery this year. During our topic ‘ People Who Help Us’ we had a visit from ‘ An Air Hostess and The Firemen’. The children have thoroughly enjoyed these experiences. The children had lots of fun sitting in the fire engine and using the fire hose. They also enjoyed the special flight all the way to America!

    Thank you to all those involved.

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    We had a lovely day celebrating ‘ The Royal Wedding’. The children came dressed in red, white and blue. We celebrated in lots of different ways.

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    Mr Hughes our lollipop man came in to visit us. He came in his uniform and talked to us about how he helps us to cross the road safely.

    Tom’s mum is a dentist and she very kindly came and talked to us about her job. She helped us to understand why it is important to keep our teeth nice and healthy.



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    The children had a lovely afternoon with Coach Dave. They learnt how to work as a team, share equipment and sorted objects by colour. In nursery we provide lots of opportunities to help children develop their fine and gross motor skills.

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    We are learning how to write our names by using the ‘ say it, make it, write it’ method. We have made an incredible start. Miss Simpson is very proud of us.


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    Our topic is ‘people who help us’. Yesterday we had a lovely visit from Merseyside Police. We learnt all about how they help us in the community. The children got to sit in the police car or on the police motorbike. We are continuing our topic over the next few weeks and will have more visits from people who help us both in the mornings and afternoons.


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