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    We invited our Dads, Grandads and Uncles in to nursery to help us do some really busy jobs. We are currently developing our outdoor space and enhance our environment. The children thoroughly enjoyed helping their family members and it was lovely to see the children interacting with the adults. A huge thank you to everyone who came and helped us.


    We enjoyed planting flowers.


    We poured the gravel in to the big tyre to start to create our small world area.

    Look how busy everyone was, they all worked so hard!





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    We were very lucky to have Tyler’s Nanny come and visit us and tell us all about her job. She is an air hostess. She is part of the cabin crew. She brought us lots of things to look at and try on.



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    We had a lovely morning with the firefighters. We got to sit in the fire engine and had a turn at spraying the hose. Firefighters are very brave and some of us would like to be firefighters when we grow up.


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