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    As part of our other faith weeks, Years 4-6 learnt about the Islamic faith. Some students from Hope University came to school to teach the children about some aspects of the faith and show them some objects that are used to pray. The children followed this up in their Come and See lessons during that week.

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    During our other faith week, Nursery to Y3 learnt about the Hindu faith. Foundation Stage learnt all about the festival of Diwali, including the story of Rama and Sita and how the festival is celebrated. Y1 and Y2 had a ‘wow’ starter to the week, learning about the faith and some of their customs. This included making Rakhi bracelets, hand painting, dance and food tasting. They then learnt about some of the Hindu Gods and how Hindus pray at home.

    Y3 went on a trip to the Hindu temple in Preston where they learnt how Hindus worship.

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    The Shine group prepared an activity to help people in the school remember special people on Remembrance Day. They made some ribbons on which people could write the name of a special person that they had lost or a prayer for people lost in the forces. They could tie the ribbon to the a remembrance tree where people could remember and pray for them.


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