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    Here is an update of the proposal and topics discussed at the last meeting

    DATED:  23rd March 2018


    The School Councillors are busy thinking up ideas for another Fundraiser. This time the School Councillors would like to raise money, so that their classes will be able to buy new books for their library areas.

    Bike Racks

    Joshua, Daniel and Nicole are collecting information about the cost of having bike racks on our school grounds. They will complete a proposal and keep everyone informed as to how this is going.


    The Buddy Bench/Friendship Stop

    The Buddy Bench/Friendship Stop is now up and running. The School Councillors are on duty and are helping children at breaktimes, who are lonely or unhappy.

    The School Councillors have received their ‘Playground Friends’ badges and are proudly wearing them.


    School Council ‘Drop in’

    The School Council ‘Drop in’ is open every Thursday playtime in the Library.

    Please come along to discuss any ideas you have.

    The children of the School Council are happy to listen to your ideas.


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