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    School Councillors

    The School Councillors have been elected.

    This school year, our School Councillors are:

    Ruby and Riley -Y2

    Elliot and Ave – Y3

    Summer and Sam – Y4

    Gracie, Liam, Elizabeth and Daniel – Y5

    Lucy, Joe, Tia and Charlie – Y6

    Congratulations to all our new School Councillors

    Good Luck in your very important position….

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    What is a School Council?

    St Mary’s Blackbrook School Council is a group of pupils, elected by their fellow pupils to represent their opinions, ideas and suggestions.

    Our School Councillors listen to their peers and try to bring about improvements to our school that will benefit our whole school family.

    Why do we have a School Council?

    We have a School Council because we value all pupils. Our Council enable every pupil to be able to voice their feelings and to be heard, this allows everyone to play an active part in making decisions to improve school.

    The School Council representatives meet regularly.

    What is the school council working on this year…

    To elect a Head Boy and Head Girl from Year 6.

    To look at installing bike racks.

    To run their own Library Club at Lunchtime, during the summer months.

    To continue to look after children at breaktime, by using the ‘Friendship stop’.

    To help to organise charity events.

    To hold ‘Drop In’ sessions at breaktimes, so that all children can discuss their ideas to help to improve our school.


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