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    School Council
    What is a school council?

    St Mary’s Blackbrook School Council is a group of pupils, elected by their fellow pupils to represent their opinions, ideas and suggestions.
    Our School Councillors listen to their peers and try to bring about improvements to our school that will benefit our whole school family.
    Why do we have a school council?
    We have a School Council because we value all pupils. Our Council enable every pupil to be able to voice their feelings and to be heard, this allows everyone to play an active part in making decisions to improve school.

    Our School Councillors this school year (2018 to 2019) are:

    • Kiera and Joe                 Y2
    • Maisie and Amelia        Y3
    • Matthew and Eva          Y4
    • Macey and Luke            Y5
    • Alexis and James           Y5
    • James and Lacie             Y6
    • Amelia and Keira            Y6

    Congratulations and Good Luck to our new School Councillors.


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    Here is an update of the proposal and topics discussed at the last meeting

    DATED:  23rd March 2018


    The School Councillors are busy thinking up ideas for another Fundraiser. This time the School Councillors would like to raise money, so that their classes will be able to buy new books for their library areas.

    Bike Racks

    Joshua, Daniel and Nicole are collecting information about the cost of having bike racks on our school grounds. They will complete a proposal and keep everyone informed as to how this is going.


    The Buddy Bench/Friendship Stop

    The Buddy Bench/Friendship Stop is now up and running. The School Councillors are on duty and are helping children at breaktimes, who are lonely or unhappy.

    The School Councillors have received their ‘Playground Friends’ badges and are proudly wearing them.


    School Council ‘Drop in’

    The School Council ‘Drop in’ is open every Thursday playtime in the Library.

    Please come along to discuss any ideas you have.

    The children of the School Council are happy to listen to your ideas.

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    February 2018 /March 2018

    The School Councillors are working on the following items

    Lunchtime Clubs – we now have a number of lunchtime clubs/activities for children to attend. The School Councillors gave ideas of clubs that the children in the classes would enjoy.

    We now have a Lego/Kinex club and a drama club.

    In the Summer Term – we are hoping to start a nature club.

    Miss Stout organises the clubs, and the children whom attend are thoroughly enjoying them


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    The School Council have been very busy.

    On the 15th December, the School Councillors organised ‘Woolly Jumper ‘Day . Children came to school in their jumpers and gave a small donation to help the ‘Save the Children’ charity.

    The School Councillors from each class, made posters, collected the money and even some of them counted how much we had raised.

    Thank you for all your kind donations

    St Mary’s Blackbrook Catholic Primary School raised — £338.47 !!!!!

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    The School Councillors are very busy, they have been helping to improve our school to make it a happy and safe place for everyone.

    PROPOSALS from the School Council:

    February 2017

    1. Junior Department – Packed lunches and hot dinners dining together at lunchtime.  Mrs Ashton has agreed to this and we will be piloting this idea very soon.
    2. New dictionaries for Y4G – Mrs Ashton has agreed and new dictionaries have now been ordered
    3. Badges for ‘Reading through the Rainbow’ to be awarded to children when they receive the Bronze, Silver and Gold certificate. The School Council have researched this, have taken this idea to Mrs Ashton. This proposal has been agreed.


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